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Connecticut River at Goodwin College/CT River Academy

9 Riverside Drive
East Hartford, CT
Longitude/Latitude: -72.645068 / 41.748764

This site is located on the mainstem of the CT River across from the state's capital city.  The new magnet high school building opened January 7, 2014.  The school has rebuilt docks and will have their own boat for learning laboratory experiences.  The sampling is done at the end of Colt Street when the river is flooding and will be done at the end of the school's dock when the river is at normal levels. Sampling is taken by the water stewardship class with a science teacher supervising and the analysis is done by the local USGS agency.  The school hopes to be able to do the bacteria analysis at the school in the future. 


Is It Clean?

This site is monitored weekly on Wednesday mornings.  Goodwin College and the CT River Academy share monitoring responsibilities. 

Sample DateStatusCFU/100mlWet
2017-05-18Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming33.1Y
2017-05-11Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming46Y
2017-05-04Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming68Y
2017-04-27Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming70Y
2017-04-20Blue Clean for Boating and Swimming24.6Y

How Do I Get There?

9 Riverside Drive

East Hartford, CT 06118

Route 85

Exit 55 to Route 2

Exit 5

School on right.

This Site Is Monitored By:

Goodwin College and CT River Academy
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